Palo Alto Telecom began as HardConnect Communications in 1995 providing voice and data services to the greater Bay Area. Starting as a cable and wiring contractor and supporting business telecom needs and network consulting services, our background has lent us rich experience with a broad variety of customers and environments.

Our migration to IP telephony over the past ten years has enabled us to offer a complete line of custom designed telephone systems built to suit your needs specifically. Whether you are a local smaller shop needing four phones to a large global company needing your local offices as well as those in Sweden and Dubai supplied with phones, we have you covered. We can easily grow with you also, if you find your start up is spreading like fire, no problem. It's an exciting and fast paced time in technology, and we're happy to boast telco abilities that have the strength and security to back you up. 

Like Palo Alto, synonymous with Silicon Valley and the fast paced heart beat of the internet, Palo Alto Telecom has strong local roots and expertise that has taken us across the globe. With our unique products and reputable partners, we are the best fit for your companies' needs, in the Bay and around the world.

Our Services

Business Internet

Palo Alto Telecom offers reliable high speed connectivity to our customers. We can order, install and manage the best service option for your needs. We manage fiber orders and installations for greatest customer ease while getting the best service at an optimal price. Every installation presents challenges, if fiber or cable is not available we assess for line of sight bandwidth. We also handle multi tenant building services and solutions as well as riser management services that enhance network security. We take pride in providing detail oriented consulting and project management for our customers.

Telephony Services

Palo Alto Telecom offers a wide range of hosted VoIP telephony services and PBX services. We can assist with the clean up of existing VoIP deployments or design and implement new solutions. Whether you have a few hosted extensions across the world, virtual office presence, call center implementations, or dedicated on site PBX- we have you covered. Palo Alto Telecom offers “boots on the ground service”. Our technical team personally certifies and installs all of our voice implementations. You get personalized setup and configuration with professional studio recordings.

Legacy System Support

Some of our customers don’t need to upgrade their legacy phone system to an IP based platform. They are happy with the way their system has been working so the “if it's not broke don’t fix it” theory applies. These systems still need occasional service or upgrades as the aging hardware wears out. We have an extensive background in Nortel, Meridian, MICS and Norstar systems. BCM & Call Pilot messaging, Avaya Partner, Panasonic and Toshiba systems, Cisco Call Manager, Mitel, Comdial and Shoretel. Feel free to contact us for assistance with the above mentioned systems.

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