Hosted PBX Phone Service

Cloud Based Phone SystemA “hosted phone system”or “cloud-based based phone system” is a phone service delivered through the internet. Other synonymous terms include “internet based phone system” or more commonly “VoIP” (Voice over Internet Protocol). Both of these terms refer to a group of phones that work together, typically in a business setting, to route calls using an internet connection. A VoIP phone system doesn’t rely on traditional on-premise hardware or costly maintenance. Typically this can save your business 40-80% on your phone bill.

One of the best attributes, however, is the ability to manage your own system without IT support. With Palo Alto Telecom you can make updates to your system in real-time, anywhere with an internet connection. We also provide customer support seven days a week should you ever need help.


  • Upgrade your business phone service to reliable and feature rich cloud-based PBX solution
  • Keep your number or select a phone number from almost any area code
  • Add extensions at any time
  • Voicemail to email, find me follow me and advanced productivity features
  • Buy, lease or bring your own device options

Hosted VoIP services starting at $24.95 per month per line